Last year, Leila was thrilled to get the chance to act in and produce the indie movie CONCEPTION alongside her husband, writer/director Josh Stolberg. CONCEPTION is a sexy romantic comedy about nine couples on the night they conceive. As we weave through the stories of all these couples, we see that in spite of the different ways we all come to make our families, the only important ingredient is love. And semen. 

CONCEPTION boasts an all-star cast (Pamela Adlon, David Arquette, Connie Britton, Julie Bowen, Sarah Hyland, Alan Tudyk), as well as Leila and Josh’s two sons, Asher and Xander!




With her writing partner, Jennifer Jostyn, Leila wrote and produced the comedy feature LIFE COACH: THE MOVIE, a comedy about a world-famous reclusive life coach who inspires and influences L.A.'s best and brightest during private phone sessions. With his first public appearance looming, the Life Coach balks, leaving the business in the hands of his handsome, morally questionable cousin.  LIFE COACH: THE MOVIE won Best Comedy and Best Director (Josh Stolberg) on the festival circuit, and stars Lauren Graham, Carla Gugino, Ron Livingston, Jonathan Silverman, and Rainn Wilson.