Hair:         Brown                                                                           Height:     5'5”                        

Eyes:         Brown                                                                           Weight:    120



HELICOPTER MOM                             Supporting                                Salomé Breziner

THE HUNGOVER GAMES                  Supporting                                Silver Nitrate Productions

CRAWLSPACE                                     Lead                                            Vuguru Productions

CONCEPTION                                     Lead                                            Rock It Productions

LIFE COACH the movie                     Lead                                            Broad Appeal Productions

KIDS IN AMERICA                              Supporting                                 Josh Stolberg/Kids In America LLC

CROWD SCENE                                 Supporting                                  Terry Rossio/Scheherazade Prods

FIRST TIME AROUND                        Lead                                            Josh Stolberg

DEARLY BELOVED                             Lead                                            Fiercefilm Productions



DEXTER                                                 Co-star                                       Marcos Siega/Showtime

GET REAL                                             Co-star                                       Stephen Cragg/ FOX

PLAYERS                                               Co-star                                       Fred Keller/ NBC

IN THE LINE OF DUTY (MOW)               Co-star                                       Dick Lowry/ NBC



THE COUNTRY CLUB                          Chole                                           Third Street Theater

HEART THROBS                                    Kat                                               Hudson Guild Theatre

BY THE SEA                                           Macy                                            NoHo Actors Studio

LA RONDE                                             Emma                                           Beverly Hills Playhouse

UNCOMMON WOMEN                          Holly                                           Beverly Hills Playhouse

MRS. DELLA RUBBIA...                          Lucretia                                     Hudson Theatre, Los Angeles

AH, MEN                                                   Isis                                               Hudson Theatre, Los Angeles

SPECTER                                                 Marla                                          Gardner Stage, Los Angeles

THE RED COAT                                      Mary                                            Zephyr Theatre, Los Angeles

RUNAWAYS                                             Jackie                                         Paul Robeson Theatre, NYC

AGNES OF GOD                                     Agnes                                          Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park

ROMEO AND JULIET                              Juliet                                           New Dramatists Company, NYC

COME BACK TO THE  5 & DIME…         Sissy                                            Station Repertory Theatre

TO GILLIAN ON HER 37TH BIRTHDAY  Rachel                                         Tri-County Players

THE RAINMAKER                                     Lizzie                                          Station Repertory Theatre



John Kirby-- Scene Study

Howard Fine Acting Studio-- Scene Study

The Actors Studio

Circle in the Square Theatre Program--  Alan Langdon, Terese Hayden, Jacqueline Brookes

Herbert Berghof Studio--  William Hickey, Michael Beckett        

B.A. English Literature-- Columbia College, Columbia University



Tri-lingual :  English, French, Italian

Dialects     :  British, Cockney, Italian, Southern, Polish, Bronx, Brooklyn

Piano         :  Eleven years